Support for undernourished and disabled children

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide lifesaving health care and social support to underprivileged children in Togo, Africa. We offer long-term and personalised support to children suffering from malnutrition, disabilities and chronic illnesses. Our nonprofit organisation is entirely funded by our generous donors, who allow us to carry out our mission.

Our Story

Graines d’Espoir was founded in 2020 by four French women who had been working for several years in the medical and social care of children in Togo. Witnessing the lack of resources available to the children and their families, they decided to create a dedicated care center. To this day, over 150 children have been supported by Graines d’Espoir, and we aim to continue expanding our reach with the help of donations and community involvement.

The Children

At Graines d’Espoir, we provide assistance to children suffering from malnutrition, chronic illnesses, and disabilities. As many families lack the financial resources to provide an appropriate diet to their children, and finance their treatments, our actions often fall within the scope of vital emergencies.

If you would like to support the children, please visit our donations page.

Your Support to the Children

You can make a one-time donation, or become a monthly sponsor for our children. In both cases, your donation will be directly available for our teams, and will contribute to financing all of our activities. If you decide to become a monthly sponsor, your support will allow us to plan for the long term and to act quickly in case of emergencies.

The donations we receive allow us to :
– finance the medical and paramedical care of the children (food, artificial milk, medical appointments, emergency care, hospitalisations, etc.),
– buy medicines and medical equipments,
– finance the schooling of our visually impaired children,
– pay the salaries of our dedicated local team,
– cover the operating costs of our Care Center and Respite Home, including rent, water and electricity.

Available payment methods

However you choose to support our mission, thank you so much for walking alongside us. Together, we can bring hope and change the future of the children.

Care Center for Disadvantaged Children

Give disadvantaged children with malnutrition, disabilities and/or chronic illnesses access to medical care.

Respite Home for Children with Disabilities

Provide a safe haven for children with psycho-motor disabilities, offering personalized support tailored to their specific needs.

Education for Visually & Hearing Impaired Children

Enable visually & hearing impaired children to have access to an education that is tailored to their disability.

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