Our Children


Medical care and food supplies

Victor lives with his mom and sister. The dad being absent, the family lives with the grandmother in Tsévié. Victor’s mom is a teacher in biology, but she has not been able to work due to Covid. Victor is still fed primarily with his mom’s milk. As his mom does not have the financial means to buy food for her family, she pays for food on credit and struggles to pay it back. Victor does not yet master the sitting position. He suffers from a great psychomotor delay and the tonicity of his lower limbs is limited. 

Jean & Jeanne

Treatment of undernutrition

Jean and Jeanne’s mom passed away during childbirth due to severe anemia. The dad’s sister and a friend decided to take care of the children. The twins were born underweight and have both lost weight since birth. When we first met them, at 9 days of life, Jean weighed 1.9 kg and Jeanne 2.03 kg. We are now supporting them through the donation of artificial milk and regular check-ups at the Graines d’Espoir center.


Financial support for medical care

Kékéli suffers from sickle cell disease. This is a chronic, incurable genetic disorder that affects hemoglobin. Evrard, our Head nurse, referred Kékéli to us, as her family has very limited means. All of their savings went into medical care. In fact, she often needs blood transfusions. She is also prone to infections and is very fragile. We decided to support her by financing her medical care.


Treatment of undernutrition

At five weeks old, Amandine weighed 2.63 kg. Her mom had Sickle cell disease and passed away a week after giving birth, as a result of complications caused by her C-section. Amandine lives with her dad and grandmother, who have limited financial means. We are helping her through the donation of artificial milk and regular check-ups at the center.


Treatment of undernutrition

Maxim lives with his mom, who works as a seamstress. He has two older sisters, aged 6 and 3 years old. Since he was born, his mom has not produced enough milk to feed him. She also cannot afford to buy artificial milk. When we met Maxim, at more than three months old, he weighed only 2.14 kg, indicating severe undernutrition. We are now supporting him through regular check-ups at the center and the donation of artificial milk.


Preventing the risk of undernutrition

Eya’s mom passed away during the delivery at the hospital. Eya and her older sister were taken in by their grandmother and uncle. The grandmother is a farmer and has eleven other children. After the birth, the grandmother had to seek help from the community so that Eya could survive. A woman agreed to breastfeed her for the first few days. When we first met her, at five days old, Eya weighed 2.19 kg. We are now supporting the family through the donation of artificial milk.

Kokou Israël

Severe undernutrition

Kokou Israël lives with his parents. His mom used to be a retailer, but she is currently unemployed. His dad is employed in a factory that manufactures organic plastic bags. In his first days of life, Kokou was admitted to the hospital of Tsévié for a neonatal infection. Since birth, his mom has not produced enough milk to breastfeed him, and he is now in a situation of severe undernutrition. When we first met him, at 9 months, he weighed 4.6 kg.


Treatment of undernutrition

Unfortunately, it is a sad event that lead us to meet Kodjo. His mom passed away three months after his birth. Kodjo was brought to our center by his two aunts, who are now taking care of him. When we first met him, at 4 months old, he weighed 4.13 kg. Graines d’Espoir is now supporting him through the donation of artificial milk and medical care in our center.


Treatment of undernutrition

When we met Afi, at 6 weeks old, we were alarmed by her weight, which was the same as when she was born (2.3 kg). In fact, her mom has little breast milk, and Afi has difficulty breastfeeding. She gets out of breath very quickly. We are now supporting her through the donation of artificial milk and medical care in our center.

Justin & Justine

Preventing the risk of malnutrition

Justin and Justine are twins born prematurely at 36 weeks. At birth, Justin weighed 1.96 kg and Justine 2.3 kg. Unfortunately, their mom died after delivery and their dad has little means to provide for the children. After being hospitalized at the hospital of Tsévié for a few days, they were referred to us for further medical and nutritional care.


Pediatric oncology treatment

Kokou suffers from a probable rhabdomyosarcoma, the most prevalent soft tissue cancer in children. Since February, we have been financing Kokou’s hospital stay as well as all the medical examinations necessary to his care. We are currently awaiting confirmation of the final diagnosis, as a biopsy was not possible to perform due to the location of the cancer just behind the eye.


Respiratory problems and undernutrition

Since birth, Viviane has had respiratory and deglutition problems. She is suffering from severe undernutrition (5.7 kg at the age of 14 months). To this day, she can only drink liquids and cannot eat solids. She has significant psychomotor deficits and has malformations in both feet (talus valgus feet). She also has a large umbilical hernia.


Severe undernutrition

Grâce is suffering from severe undernutrition. When we first met her, at 5 weeks old, she weighed 2.76 kg. At the examination, we noticed her extreme thinness and apparent dehydration, marked by dry and wrinkled skin, and dull and frizzy hair. In fact, she has trouble breastfeeding properly. We are now supporting Grâce through the donation of artificial milk, and regular check-ups at our center, so that she can come out of her state of undernutrition.


Severe undernutrition

Mawuli suffers from an important psychomotor deficit. He doesn’t hold his head on his own, he is not able to sit up, and he doesn’t walk. This is due to his state of severe undernutrition. In order to support Mawuli and his family, we are financing a monthly food supply. We are also helping his mother set up her own business. The goal is for her to become self-sufficient in providing for her family.


Visual impairment support

Hope suffers from cerebral edema and hydrocephalus. A surgical drainage seemed to be indicated to avoid the risk of intellectual and mobility impairments (a consequence of hydrocephalus). However, we have been advised against it. The cerebral edema is indeed stable and the major consequence, which is Hope’s blindness, is unfortunately already irreversible. We are now supporting her with Braille classes, so that she can receive an education adapted to her handicap.


Treatment for epilepsy

Debora comes from a family of three. She was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2019. Since she was very little, she has had what we call “seizures”. These include unconsciousness, hypothermia, sweating, urination and eye twitching. She is now following a treatment called “Lamictal”. As the family has very limited income, we finance her treatment as well as the tests required by her pathology.


Treatment of extreme undernutrition

Akou was born with a neonatal infection. When we met her in April 2020, at the age of 13 months old, she weighed 4.5 kg and was 62 cm tall, which placed her in a situation of extreme undernutrition. Before she was treated by Brigitte, our midwife, her mother used to breastfeed her and give her porridge bought on the side of the road, but this was not enough for little Akou.


Treatment of extreme undernutrition 

Our little Ami was born to an alcoholic mother, with a birth weight of 2 kg. Her intrauterine growth delay was caused by alcohol during pregnancy. Her mother did not have enough breast milk, so she supplemented with porridge. This was not suitable for her nutritional need. In addition, due to lack of hygiene care, Ami was covered with fungus when we met her for the first time.


Monthly food supplies and Braille classes

Geremie’s father died in December 2018. His mother is alone to take care of her 4 children. She cultivates a small plot of land to be able to survive, but this is not enough to provide for her children. Geremie and his brother Emmanuel both have had congenital glaucoma since birth, for which we are financing their ophthalmic treatments. We also provide Braille classes for Geremie, so he can have access to an education adapted to his disability.


Monthly food supplies and Braille classes

Emmanuel’s father died in December 2018 in a motorcycle accident. His mother is alone to take care of her 4 children. She cultivates a small plot of land to be able to survive, but this is not enough to provide for her children and to ensure that they have enough food. Emmanuel and his brother Geremie are both visually impaired. They have had congenital glaucoma since birth.

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