100% of the donations are used directly to support the children

Support for children with malnutrition, handicap and chronic illnesses

It is thanks to the support of our amazing donors that we can help children through essential medical and social care. In fact, donations are Graines d’Espoir’s only source of income.

They allow us to finance:
– our Care Center, which gives children with malnutrition, disabilities and/or chronic illnesses access to medical care,
– our Respite Home, which we provide a safe haven for children with disabilities, offering personalised support tailored to their specific needs,
– our “Braille Lessons” project, which enables visually impaired children to receive an education.

Do you want to support our children? You can make a one-time donation, or become a monthly sponsor! Your donation will be directly available for our teams, and will contribute to financing all of our activities. If you decide to become a sponsor, your monthly support will allow us to plan for the long term and to act quickly in case of emergencies.

However you choose to support our mission, thank you so much for walking alongside us. Together, we can bring hope and change the future of the children.
Tax deduction on your donation

When you make a donation to an “organization of public interest” you can benefit from a tax reduction. This is the case when you support our nonprofit Graines d’Espoir. Please reach out if you have any question. We will send you all necessary documents.

List of recurring costs

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