Respite Home

Supporting children with disabilities

Respite Home

Supporting children with disabilities.

What we do


At our Respite Home, we provide a safe haven for children with disabilities, offering personalised support tailored to their specific needs, such as developing motor skills, social integration, and autonomy.

Our team of trained educators organise a range of recreational, relational, and manual activities to encourage the children to thrive and develop their full potential. Each child at the Respite Home has their own unique challenges, including a variety of disabilities such as psychomotor disorders.

Our ultimate goal at the Respite Home is to support parents by providing a professional, safe environment for their children, which also enables them to develop their own professional activities, gain financial independence, and provide for their children’s needs.

How you can help


Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to fund:
– essential equipment for the care of the children,
– meals and transportation of the children to the Respite Home (when parents are unable to cover these costs),
– operational expenses such as rent, electricity, water, and salaries of our dedicated team.

By making a donation, you can directly improve the lives of children with disabilities and enable us to reach even more children in need.

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