Our partners

A company specialized in the trade of industrial materials, electrical materials and tubes. Agence I.D. has been sponsoring the children of Graines d’Espoir every month since April 2021. In addition, in October 2021, Amaury Escales, president of the company, funded the shipment of medical equipment and several pieces of furniture to our center.

LoftFilm is a German-based animated explainer video agency. They create customized animation videos, aimed at helping businesses explain their offers. Since December 2021, the agency has been supporting Graines d’Espoir with a monthly donation, which is used to cover the costs of our nurses and coordinators’ salaries.

The Bethsaïde Association provides support and guidance to young adults aged 20 and above, who have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Through tailored individual and group projects, they accompany them throughout their life journey. The association has shown its support to Graines d’Espoir by raising funds to provide essential formula milk for the children under our care.

An organization that collects hair donations and creates wigs to make them more accessible to people with cancer. Hair scrunchies made by Graines d’Espoir were found exclusively on the Fake Hair Don’t Care website. A great way to support our two organizations at the same time!

Sports association aimed at teaching artistic gymnastics. Thanks to the generosity of ASCM Toulon Gymnastics, we were able to buy medical equipment, including a stethoscope, a baby carrier, a blood pressure monitor and a glucose meter.

Bordeaux-based start-up created in 2014. Wiidii is a personal assistant application combining artificial intelligence and human know-how. Thanks to a large order of our masks, Wiidii allowed us to finance the first renovations done in our care center.

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