Care Center

Providing health care to disadvantaged children

Care Center

Providing health care to disadvantaged children.

What we do


Our Care Center is committed to supporting and providing medical care to children in need. A team consisting of nurses, coordinators and a physiotherapist work together to offer care and support for children suffering from malnutrition, chronic illnesses and/or developmental delays.

In fact, the young infants we support often suffer from malnutrition. We provide them with formula milk donations, and we monitor their weight gain at our center. We also donate food supplies to children suffering from severe undernutrition and whose families are unable to support their nutritional needs.

We provide treatment to children suffering from common illnesses, such as malaria and infections, we support children with psychomotor disabilities through physiotherapy, and we offer treatment to those suffering from chronic illnesses like sickle cell disease. Lastly, in emergency cases, we finance the children’s hospitalization when their families cannot afford it.

How you can help


Thanks to your donations, we are able to finance medical equipment, artificial milk, medication, and all the supplies needed to care for the children. They also allow us to finance emergency care and hospitalization costs in the most serious cases.

Donations also help us to cover the operating costs of our care center, such as rent, electricity, water, and salaries for our dedicated team of professionals.

By making a donation, you will have a direct impact on the lives of the children we support and enable us to help even more children.

Contact us

70A Impasse de l'Amiradou,
83190 Ollioules, France

+33 6 49 81 06 70

+33 6 61 73 08 64
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