Former sponsored children

The children presented on this page have received support from Graines d’Espoir. While their treatment is now complete, we continue to check on them regularly and provide them with medical care when needed.


Extreme undernutrition

We met Akouvi at her home during a vaccination visit. She was abandoned by her mother just a few months after birth, and as a result no longer had access to breast milk. Akouvi suffered from extreme undernutrition. When we first met her, at 10 months old, we weighed 2.9 kg. Her dad, grandmother and aunt are now looking after her. However, the dad is unemployed and the family has very limited income.


Treatment of undernutrition

Since she was born, Victoire was fed with artificial milk and porridge. Her mom was ill and was receiving a treatment that was not compatible with breastfeeding. She unfortunately passed away in April 2021. Since then, Victoire and her 8-year-old brother have been cared for by their grandmother. She had very little means to feed them. All of her savings had been spent on her daughter’s medical treatments and the purchase of artificial milk. 

Koffi Israël

Preventing the risk of undernutrition

Koffi Israël was born with a small weight of 2.8 kg. The delivery was done at home due to lack of financial means. When we first met him, he was at risk of being undernourished, as his mom did not produce enough milk. His dad is a teacher, but due to Covid, his school had closed, and he was then unemployed. We supported the family through a donation of artificial milk every week, and our midwife regularly met with Koffi’s mom to help her stimulate her lactation.


Acute undernutrition

We met Alice following the death of her parents. At the time, she was suffering from malaria. Her grandmother, who has been taking care of Alice, is a farmer and has very little income. At the beginning of her care (we estimate that Alice was between 12 and 15 months old), she weighed 5.11 kg and was 61 cm tall. Graines d’Espoir supported her through a monthly food supply and regular check-ups at the center.


Extreme undernutrition

When we first met René, his father had just had an accident, and was under treatment at home. Since the accident, the family had limited income, and they were struggling to provide for their three children. In addition, René’s mother only had very little milk as he could not breastfeed properly. He had a poor grip and got tired quickly. As a result, she produced less and less milk, and René was suffering from extreme undernutrition. At 2 months-old, on the day we first met him, he only weighed 2.15 kg.

The triplets

Preventing the risk of malnutrition

Akossiwavi, Akossiwa, Kossi live with their parents, both farmers. They have four brothers and sisters. The family had limited means, and their mom did not produce enough milk to breastfeed the three children. We supported them with regular donations of artificial milk, and the triplets are now weaned. We continue to see them regularly and provide health care whenever they fall sick.


Preventing the risk of malnutrition

When we first met Dorcas, at 6 months old, she weighed 6 kg and was 56 cm tall. She had chronic diarrhea and refused to nurse. As a result, she was at risk of undernutrition. We provided her with artificial milk to compensate for her nutritional deficiency. She is now doing much better. We continue to do regular check-ups and provide health care whenever Dorcas needs it.


HIV, anemia and risk of malnutrition 

Nestor and his sister Natacha have been living with HIV since birth. Their mother is HIV-positive and was not on treatment when they were born. When we met Nestor, he was very pale, out of breath and exhausted. He had severe anemia and was suffering from malnutrition. The parents had very limited resources to provide for the children. We supported them with monthly food supplies until they regained their independence.


HIV, anemia and risk of malnutrition

Natacha has been HIV positive since birth. Shortly after her brother was treated for acute malaria, Natacha also became seriously ill. She was convulsing and had a severe attack of malaria. As her mother could not afford to pay for the hospital costs, we financed the overall treatment. Natacha received emergency care (perfusion, rehydration, anti-malaria and anti-pyretic treatment).

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