HIV, anemia and risk of malnutrition

Date of birth

August 26th, 2016

Start of care

July 2020

Medical history


Her story

Natacha, 4 years old, has been HIV positive since birth. Shortly after her brother was treated for acute malaria, Natacha also became seriously ill. She was convulsing and had a severe attack of malaria. As her mother could not afford to pay for the hospital costs, we financed the overall treatment. Natacha received emergency care (perfusion, rehydration, anti-malaria and antipyretic treatment). She also suffered from moderate anaemia, which was linked to severe malaria and aggravated by her HIV, which has also led to malnutrition. Despite her life-threatening condition, she was able to recover thanks to hospitalization. We also financed a monthly food supply so that Natacha and her older brother Nestor can benefit from a diet adapted to their age and their HIV pathology (which is associated with a very high risk of extreme undernutrition).

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Project and main actions

  • Monthly food supply so that Natacha can recover from her undernourished state, have more energy, and build up her immune system to live with HIV.
  • Regular check-ups at the care center, and when necessary at the hospital of Tsévié.
  • Medical care, as Natacha is at risk of developing infections because of HIV.


February 3rd, 2021

We donated a monthly food supply to Natacha and Nestor. Their dad explained to us that Nestor is top of his class and that he learns quickly. He also told us that he has found a new wife, who already has a baby herself (Nestor and Natacha’s mother left for Lomé and has not returned). The dad is now working as an electrician and can provide for his family. We decided to donate a last food supply next month, and the children will of course continue to be treated at the center when they are sick.

January 7th, 2021

Nestor and Natacha came to the center to collect the food supplies that we offer them every month. They are still on ARV treatment for HIV, and both are doing very well. Nestor weighs 18 kg and Natacha weighs 10 kg.

December 5th, 2020

We made our monthly donation of food supplies yesterday. Nestor and Natacha came to the center, and are both doing well. 

November 3rd, 2020

Yesterday and today, we donated food supplies to Emmanuel, Geremie, Nestor and Natacha. Since Nestor will soon be starting school, we donated 5,000 CFA francs to cover the costs of the new school year. Natacha is still too young, she will start school next year.

October 3rd, 2020

As every beginning of the month, we carried out a food supply for the families of Geremie, Emmanuel, Nestor and Natacha.

September 9th, 2020

We visited Natacha and Nestor, who are doing well. Their health has greatly improved. The parents thanked us for the monthly food supplies, and we donated clothes to the children, who were delighted!

August 15th, 2020

Natacha had a serious episode of malaria. We financed her hospitalization at the Hospital of Tsévié, where she received emergency care (perfusion, rehydration, anti-malaria and anti-pyretic treatments). After 3 days at the hospital, Natacha is doing much better and has returned home.

August 6th, 2020

We regularly bring food supplies to Natacha and Nestor’s family. These are composed of rice, spaghetti, oil and tomatoes.

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