Hospitalization and medical support

Date of birth

April 30th, 2006

Start of care

August 2021

Medical history

Valgum knees

His story

Samuel was born with valgum knees (inward deviation of the knees). He had an accident while playing soccer in 2019, which caused a fracture in his right leg. Due to lack of means, he never had surgery following the accident. The bones rebuilt, but in an anarchic way. Since then, he had to walk with crutches and suffered from persistent pain. He was quickly exhausted. When we first met him in August 2021, we wanted to offer him the necessary surgery, but the cost was extremely expensive, and we could not finance it. The surgeon advised us to wait, as a free surgical mission was about to take place in Lomé. We got in touch with the Noha organization which organizes these missions. In December 2021, Samuel benefited from this surgery. We are now helping him by financing his treatments, as well as the physical therapy sessions he needs following the surgery.

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Project and main actions

Medical support: medical appointments, financing of treatment and physiotherapy sessions.


August 2nd, 2022

Samuel, whom we supported following a leg fracture, started his physiotherapy sessions this week! In December 2021, Samuel underwent surgery to regain the normal use of his legs. Last month, the external fixator, which he had been wearing for 6 months, was removed. This week, we conducted a check-up X-ray, which revealed a strong consolidation of the bone, an excellent condition for the start of his physiotherapy sessions!

July 4th, 2022

Great news! Samuel, who had undergone surgery for a leg fracture, just had his last check-up at the hospital. The X-ray showed a strong consolidation of the bone, which allowed a total removal of the external fixator he had been wearing for 6 months! We will continue to treat his wound until it is fully healed, and we will finance his physiotherapy sessions. After months spent at home (to help the healing process), Samuel has just passed his school exams and will start high school in September!

April 5th, 2022

We took Samuel to his check-up appointment four months after his surgery (osteotomy). The fixator in place is well tolerated, and the wound is healing well. He has been advised to avoid leaning on the operated foot to allow for proper bone healing. We will finance a control X-ray next month.⁠

March 17th, 2022

Samuel is showing a positive post-surgery evolution; his foot is getting less and less swollen, with a clean wound, and he never fails to smile!⁠

February 9th, 2022

Samuel has made a lot of progress since his surgery. We provide him with his dressings at home, and we help him with his rehabilitation. He is looking forward to walking again without his crutches!⁠

January 30h, 2022

We financed Samuel’s X-ray and took him to his check-up appointment two months after his surgery. The X-ray showed the beginning of callus formation, which is a very good sign of bone consolidation!⁠

January 7th, 2022

Samuel is doing great! Our nurse continues to administer his dressings three times a week, and Samuel is walking more and more with his crutches during his rehabilitation sessions. ⁠

December 29th, 2021

Samuel is doing very well! Our nurse continues to provide him with postoperative care. He is slowly starting his rehabilitation, while not leaning on his operated leg. His crutches were damaged, so we gave him a new pair, which we received as a donation.

December 4th, 2021

The Noha mission allowed Samuel to have his surgery this week. He has an external fixator which he will have to keep for two months with a complete immobilization of his leg. At the end of these two months, the fixator will be removed, and he will be able to slowly walk again following physical therapy sessions which we will finance. The hospitalization lasted 3 days. He is delighted to finally have had surgery and can’t wait to be able to play soccer again! Graines d’Espoir financed the transport, the meals, the hospitalization and the medicines. The surgery was done for free by the Noha organization, which we thank very much!

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