Mariette & Moïse

Educational support

Date of birth

06/14/07 – 02/12/11

Start of care

July 2021

Medical history


Their story

Mariette and Moïse’s dad left his wife and children behind. Soon after, having no income, their mom decided to leave for Niger to find a job. She left her children alone at the age of 3 and 7. Mariette and Moïse have not heard from their parents ever since.

Their aunt agreed to take them in, but she did not have the financial means to provide for them. For some time, she was not able to carry out her business (selling akpan) due to severe pain in her hips. She was confined to bed nearly all day. Mariette had to leave school in CE1 (second grade) to do small jobs (selling water at the market). 

Would you like to support the children?

Project and main actions

  • Provide the family with access to medical care.
  • Monthly food supplies until we financed the start of a business.
  • Finance a tailoring training for Mariette.


February 27th, 2022

Mariette recently started a tailoring training which we are financing. It is going very well! Her manager is happy with her work and Mariette is very motivated. 

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