Pediatric oncology treatment

Date of birth

January 2009

Start of care

February 2021

Medical history


His story

In November 2020, Kokou suddenly suffered from severe migraines and his right eye became noticeably swollen. A first brain scan revealed a probable rhabdomyosarcoma, the most prevalent soft tissue cancer in children. Unfortunately, the family could no longer afford to pay for further tests. When we met Kokou in February 2021, we sought the advice of several surgeons and ophthalmologists. In Togo, there are very few health care facilities that can treat children’s cancers. In 2006, the pediatric oncology unit at the University Hospital of Lomé was created with the help of the VICTOiR organization. It is in this unit that Kokou was admitted. In February 2021, we financed Kokou’s hospitalization. After three months of treatment with corticosteroids, Kokou left the hospital with no cancerous lesions.

Kokou lives with his parents and has several siblings. His mom sells porridge and his dad is a mason. The mom stayed with Kokou at the hospital, so she was unable to work. Indeed, in Togo, a hospitalization requires the presence of a relative to take care of the patient. As Kokou’s dad also had difficulty finding work, they were left with very little means to provide for their family’s needs.

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