Hospitalization and treatment of undernutrition

Date of birth

May 2021

Start of care

February 2022

Medical history


His story

Kodjo was 9 months old and weighed 5.75 kg when we first met him. We took him to the hospital for very severe undernutrition. A nasogastric tube was placed to feed him, as he did not have the strength to nurse. Kodjo’s mom has little means and has breastfed Kodjo while she had difficulties to feed herself. She lives alone in Tsévié, with Kodjo and three other children. She works in a small local restaurant where she washes dishes and pounds yams to prepare the local dish “Fufu”.

We financed Kodjo’s hospitalization, and we have given him artificial milk in supplement to his mom’s milk.

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Project and main actions

  • Financing Kodjo’s hospitalization and medical expenses.
  • Donation of artificial milk.


July 28th, 2022

Our little miracle boy Kodjo is doing well and is getting noticeably bigger! We organized with his mom the start of her business, so that she can become independent in providing for Kodjo and the rest of her family. We went to the market, where we financed the purchase of sweet potatoes, tomatoes and peanuts, which she will sell in her neighborhood.⁠



July 8th, 2022

We provided food supplies for our little Kodjo, who had been hospitalized for severe undernutrition. He is now out of his undernourished state and has started to say his first words!



June 18th, 2022

Kodjo, who was hospitalized for severe undernutrition, continues to gain weight! At 13 months, he weighs 7.97 kg and his figure is changing every day!⁠



May 17th, 2022

Kodjo is doing well and has just come out of his state of severe undernutrition. At 12 months old, he has now reached the 7 kg mark. He is developing a corpulence in accordance with his age, and he can walk on all fours perfectly! ⁠



April 24th, 2022

Kodjo was at the center this week, in a very happy mood! However, we observed that he is struggling to gain weight. We spoke with his mom, who explained to us that she had to stop her job as a house cleaner in order to take care of her little one. She is now left with very little means. Starting this week, we will be providing monthly food supplies for Kodjo and his siblings, while working on a long-term plan to help their mom provide for them. ⁠



April 12th, 2022

Our little Kodjo is finally out of the hospital! He spent more than a month in intensive care and then in the pediatric unit. He was discharged a few days ago and is now on oral antibiotics. We meet him at the center every two days to check on his progress. So far, he is stable, but still has mild dyspnea. It will take time for his lung function to return to normal, given the severity of his condition. He is eating very well now and gaining weight! We have a follow-up appointment very soon at the Hospital of Lomé in order for the pediatric surgeons to evaluate his condition. Kodjo’s mom is thanking all the donors of Graines d’Espoir for helping finance this emergency hospitalization, without which he could not have survived. Thank you all so much!



March 22nd, 2022

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