Education support

Date of birth


Start of care

January 2022

Medical history

Congenital infection

His story

Frederic has been visually impaired since birth due to congenital infection. Unfortunately, as the tissue is damaged, there is no hope that he will ever regain his eyesight. We are now providing him with French classes at the Graines d’Espoir center, and we plan to give him access to a specialized school for visually impaired children in Lomé. Frédéric is great at playing the djembe and shows us his talents every Saturday during the animations!

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Project and main actions

Braille and French classes at the Graines d’Espoir center, as part of our Braille classes project.


July 26th, 2022

Recently, Frédéric tested positive for malaria. He presented with high fever, chills, diffuse pain and vomiting. We gave him the necessary treatment, and he is doing better today!⁠

May 24th, 2022

The Braille and French classes are going well for our three little students. They are making a lot of progress. The classes continue to be punctuated by songs and recitations, which they are learning with joy!⁠ ⁠Emilie, Hope and Frédéric have received a new learning tool; a peg board. It allows them to learn the combinations of the letters of the alphabet. Frédéric’s mom explained to us that it has become difficult for them to finance the transportation to the center. Indeed, the family lives quite far, which makes the trip expensive. We decided to help them pay for half of the transportation costs, so that Frederic can continue to attend classes regularly.⁠

February 15th, 2022

Emerson (who is also our coordinator Anselme’s brother) has joined the Graines d’Espoir team. He is our new Braille teacher and is now teaching Émilie, Hope and Frédéric. During the first class, Emerson introduced them to a Braille writing machine, which they were all eager to try out!

January 27th, 2021

Hope, Frédéric and Émilie now attend French classes every Tuesday and Thursday at the Graines d’Espoir center. All three have been visually impaired since birth and have never attended school. By giving them access to French classes, we aim to support them in their education and allow them to join their classmates Geremie and Emmanuel at the specialized school for visually impaired children in Lomé.

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